Play by Color, Color-Coded Song Sheets

Children explore musical instruments and play their favorite songs, even if they’ve never played before, with Play by Color, Color-Coded Song Sheets! Play by Color is compatible with Any Piano or Keyboard and Boomwhackers™ 8-note major diatonic tubes, handbells, and resonator bells*!

Playing by Color helps build musical confidence while strengthening color identification and early reading skills! This activity requires no prior musical experience, and allows students to play familiar songs right from the start!

Easy to Play, Color-Coded Song Sheets

Use Play by Color Song Sheets to:

• Teach early music reading and piano skills.

• Help build confidence during music therapy.

• Play songs on any piano or keyboard you already own.

• Create an independent piano or keyboard center.

• Play songs together as a class or in small groups using Boomwhackers™.

Children as young as four years old can successfully read the song sheets!

An exciting introduction to reading music, and an activity that can be used prior to music lessons.

Teach early reading and color identification.

Perfect for lower & middle elementary students and students with special needs!

Playing music has never been so easy and fun! 

**Play by Color is not affiliated with Boomwhackers™. 

*Boomwhackers™ is a registered trademark of Rhythm Band Instruments, LLC.

The Boomwhackers™ name is used with permission by Rhythm Band Instruments, LLC.